Good education is expensive and great education is super expensive!!


Your child’s wish of finding a great career starts with a good education. Undeniably, getting educated from the best of the schools and universities is extremely important in today’s hyper-competitive world. A mention of a reputed university in your child’s credentials opens an ocean of opportunities – they study with the best minds, get the best jobs, and live a fulfilling life they truly deserve.

But all of that comes at a huge cost. The best universities charge top dollars to train your younger ones. If you are looking for more specialist education, that comes at an even higher price tag. The college fees have only risen with time and that rise has – for the longest time – been higher than the rate of inflation. Plus, the living expenses in the college and boarding years have also skyrocketed across the globe.

A three-year university course for your young children could cost you £100,000/USD150,000 by the time they are old enough to be enrolled in a university. Boarding schools have also become equally expensive.

Undoubtedly, education is one of the most critical decisions for your child’s future. Your chance of making this decision right depends on how smartly you access your child’s specific educational needs and how early you start planning.

When the stakes are so high, it is prudent to educate yourself as much as possible and take the expert help to lay out an actionable plan. An ideal plan will not only help you save enough for your child’s education but also help you choose the right career path for your child, considering all the eventualities. Without the right planning, that involves regular savings and a structured fee plan, your child’s school, college, and social life can get disrupted, which can be fatal if that comes at a pivotal stage of your child’s development.

A robust financial plan can also help your child walk out of that graduation ceremony without a pile of debt on their head. Your child’s career leaps become remarkably easy when their education is not funded by a bank.

Building your child’s education plan can be overwhelming because of your tremendous emotional and financial involvement. But, that becomes super easy when you bring in an objective perspective into the equation. You can be doubly sure about your children’s future when that objective perspective comes from years of experience and enormous knowledge on the subject.

No matter the cost, the financial sacrifice for your child’s best future is worth making. However, that does not have to strip you of all the fun in your present and future life.

I will provide you with an actionable plan from start to finish without inflicting too much financial pain on your financial well-being. When so much is at stake, you need bespoke, personal advice. There is no better place than to get that sound advice.

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