Life is going to be completely different after you retire. With no regular paychecks, maintaining your current lifestyle will be tough, if you rely only on any government provided social security system.

The developed world is aging fast.

Employers, with their defined contribution plans, have also limited the pension support to the retirees.

Plenty of other factors also point out the scanty future of retirees if they depend only on the state pension to fund their retirement lifestyle. Therefore, it is best to look out for your older self when you are still young. The earlier you start, the better it is.

The best way to secure a healthy stream of pension in your retirement is to create a pension-enhancing fund. The fund can be built through a mixture of regular monthly investments or single premium investment in offshore retirement plans and investments.

It is best to take professional help to not get caught in costly investment mistakes, that can significantly dent your retirement lifestyle.

The key to successful pension planning is to contribute the correct amount, review your plans regularly, and obtain expert advice on your investment options to maximize your returns.

It is quite helpful and effective when you start saving earlier than later in life. The longer you give your money to work for you, the bigger your fund becomes at retirement and the bigger will be your pension payments after retirement. Thus, the best time to get started is now.

At SJG Financial Services I will assess the value of your current pension arrangements and analyze through forward planning to age 60/65 and beyond. When the pension arrangements fall short, I will determine the magnitude of the shortfall and work with you towards remedying it.

I will provide you with an actionable plan from start to finish without inflicting too much financial pain on your financial well-being. When so much is at stake, you need bespoke, personal advice. There is no better place than to get that sound advice.

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“Don’t simply retire from something; have something to retire to.”
–Harry Emerson Fosdick